Coral Ruz

Coral Ruz

Founder & CEO

Passioned about sustainability and get people together. I am always looking for the innovation and the fun-side of the things.  

Naek Mejia

Naek Mejia

Project Manager

Hola, I’m a professional coffee drinker and third wave cafe finder, also passionate about living life joyfully and starting my day bright and early.

Beatrice Meo

Bea Meo

Marketing Manager

I Iike outdoor activities and I am a crazy sun-seeker, which means you can always find me strolling around Berlin looking for a corner to sunbath. If I think about natural environments, the seaside is my favourite “safe place”.

Ana Llorente


Marketing Assistant

Nahush Kumar


Waste manager advisor

Passionate environmentalist highly dedicated to work for positive change.

Lara Beckmann

Lara BeckMann

Sustainable Fashion advisor

Fashion used to add value and beauty to our world, let’s work together to restore it and set a new status quo!

Alex Bürger

Alex Bürger

communication officer


Foodie and cat-person. Passionate about environmental and economical justice and a firm
believer in the power of the written word.


Rajarshi Saha

Sustainability Writer

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