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What Is A Green City?

Once, a successful city was almost always a dirty one. Smokestacks, industry, huge roads, traffic jams, these were the signs of a city on the up. Times change. Now, cities are being thought…

How To Eat Sustainably

What’s the key to eating well for the planet? As the world’s population grows and we begin to tackle the challenges posed by the Climate Crisis, our diets have become more important than…

What Are Digital Emissions?

In an age of misinformation, political polarisation and deepening mental health challenges, there’s much we blame on our love for technology. But as smartphones become even more ubiquitous and internet access becomes more…

How to make your tech last longer

These days, technology is everywhere. Wearables, the Internet of Things, driverless cars, and whatever’s next around the corner, it seems like tech is becoming involved in almost everything we do. But tech is…

Here’s Why A Staycation is a Great Idea

Leave the passports at home and Duolingo at the Appstore, it’s staycation time! For most people, ever-changing border restrictions, vaccination rules, and quarantine requirements have made the prospect of a trip abroad seem…

Philipp Gattner, reBuy: We are ready for zero waste and circularity!

Why should we buy new when we can also use what’s already there?  The Berlin-based company reBuy re-commerce has the perfect answer: there is no reason – all we need is already out…

3D-Printed Meat: The next dimension in meat alternatives

With the steady growth of global meat consumption over the last century it’s easy to assume that our love for meat is as stubborn and widespread as ever. That, however, doesn’t tell the…

4 Beginner Foods to Forage and Cook With

Have you ever wondered what delicious treats you could find in your neighbourhood, if only you knew what you were looking for? Foragers have mastered the art of harvesting freely growing natural produce…

Reducing Your Energy Waste as a Business

As a business leader, your sustainable impact goes a lot further than your own personal footprint and energy usage. You have the power to influence your employees, the energy used in buildings you…

Green Washing: How to Sustainably Revamp Your Laundry Technique

Nobody likes doing laundry. It’s a never-ending task that seems to go on forever – but one way to break it up is by trying to tackling the sustainable impact of your household…


How To Reduce Your Energy Waste as a Consumer

In 2019, household energy consumption accounted for 26% of the EU’s total consumption. Seeing as just 28% of this comes from renewable sources, reducing our energy waste in these areas can have a…

7 Products You Didn’t Know Contained Microplastics

Microplastics are tiny pieces of plastic, measuring less than five millimetres long, usually originating from fragments of plastic wastes. As we dispose of our waste, these tiny microplastics end up in our water…

sustainable cosmetics

Natural Cosmetics You Can Make At Home

Sometimes, it can feel impossible to find a truly sustainable cosmetic product. When you find one in plastic-free packaging, it uses ingredients that have a huge carbon footprint. When you discover a fantastic…

clothing rail

How To: Upcycle Old Clothing

Fast fashion uses 20% of the earth’s groundwater and produces 1.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide each year. Clothes are a necessity, but the speed at which we buy and replace them needs…

Seasonal Produce

Seasonal Produce: What to Make and Where to Find Them

When it comes to being more sustainable with the food and produce we buy, that doesn’t just mean avoiding plastic and using your own shopping bags. There are grocery tactics you can use…


How to Market a Sustainable Business, Without Greenwashing

Want to make sure your sustainable marketing hits the right spot? Click here to find out how to avoid greenwashing.

roots growing

The Market of Sustainability: How Investments Can Pay Off

We often think sustainability is about investment – but can those investments actually yield profit? Find out how green choices pay.

tomatoes growing

Behind the Packaging: Sustainable Supply Chains

The sustainable impact of products runs deeper than the packaging. Click here to find out what aspects of the supply chain also matter.

Business Innovation

Four Ways Businesses Can Innovate Sustainably After the Pandemic

When it comes to making our cities greener, now is the time to act. As urban life picks up again, we should be thinking proactively about what we can do now to change…

ethical elitism

No Room for Ethical Elitism: Why Purity Testing Is Toxic for Any Movement

At Zero Waste Berlin Festival, we believe in many imperfect journeys rather than a handful of perfect ones. Here’s why.

Coral Ruz

Thoughts From Our Founder, Coral Ruz

Balancing Act: Discover the origin of Zero Waste Berlin Festival and the planning, preparation and experience that goes into the event.

fridays for future protest signs

Why a Zero Waste Lifestyle is a Form of Activism

Every change you make directly affects the future of our planet. In that way, your zero waste choices are a form of sustainable activism, every day.

Eco Anxiety

Eco-Anxiety: What Is It and How Can We Fight It

For many of us engaged in sustainable activities, we do it because we’re motivated to build a better, healthier world for future generations. However, it’s often hard to escape the doom-and-gloom news that…

zero waste lifestyle

Busted: 3 Myths About Zero Waste

Discover the truth about the most common misconceptions about zero waste, informed by an interview with Alex Furey, founder of Zero Waste London and Zero Waste Mindset.


From Gardens to Galleries: IFAI’s Roots in Sustainability and the Importance of Empowering Artists

We sat down with Nicole and Barbara and got their perspective on sustainability, the beginnings of the Institute for Art and Innovation and how art can transform our way of thinking.

Zero Waste Groceries

Sustainable Food Systems: Why It’s Not Just About You

In Germany alone, 11 million tonnes of food waste gets thrown away every year. With such a massive amount of food going to waste, this is one of the greatest opportunities to have…

Sustainable Fashion

Three Opportunities for Sustainable Change in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is facing an increasingly dire crisis. Because of the huge challenges faced by the fashion industry, change clearly needs to happen. So where can that change start? Let’s look at…


Edible City: Discover 7 nourishing plants you’ll find in and around Berlin.

Is an edible city your kind of utopia? Snipping fresh herbs from boxes hanging from your front windows or fences, collecting chestnuts from the park for roasting, making fresh green soups or turning…

Impact HUB Berlin

Keeping It Local, Globally – An interview with Impact Hub Berlin

Bringing Zero Waste Berlin Festival and Impact HUB Berlin networks together, will allow conversations and ideas to spark.

2021 resolutions

Easy Sustainable Resolutions for 2021

Wouldn’t it be great if we could turn 2021 into a clean slate, a new fresh perspective on life and a new fresh beginning? Yes, it would. But how? By setting simple intentions…

zero waste kitchen utensils

Your Zero Waste Kitchen Guide

Growth Zero waste seems to be a contemporary phenomenon, but it was already evident in our grandparents’ approach to life. We are only just starting to realise as a society, that our collective…