Festival Categories

The Festival categories are the main focus of what we stand for as an organization. Here we have identified the key industries and current trends that demonstrate the role we can all play in changing our world for the better.

Whether you are a citizen just getting started on your green journey, an entrepreneur with a sustainable project in mind or a professional working close to any of our categories with a sustainable mindset, we offer a space in which you can get informed, learn and be part of a growing community of eco-changemakers!

Green Cities

When we talk about green cities we need to consider how multifaceted the term really is. We need to understand that what makes a city green ranges from its municipalities, its citizens’ actions and even private initiatives, and it all needs to work together as a collective system.

Green Cities

Green Tech

Green tech will help shape our future for the better. By embracing and learning new technologies and green innovations such as durable materials to replace plastic or sustainable production, we can shift the tide of global warming together.

World with lights

Sustainable Fashion

When it comes to sustainable fashion, the environmental toll of fast fashion shouldn’t be the only thing that comes to mind. One must consider the working situations of the employees who create the clothes too, the production chain, the logistics, materials or even the transportation.

sustainable fashion


Committing to a zero waste lifestyle is just easier than how it sounds. Everyday we make active choices that affect ourselves and the environment. If you want to lead a positive, zero waste lifestyle simply consider your daily routine, like how you travel and get around—can you do it more sustainably? The answer is probably yes; what you do on a personal and professional level every day is an impactful choice.

zero waste lifestyle

Sustainable Food System

A sustainable food system is one that provides food security and nutrition for all whilst consciously upholding ethical and sustainable environmental practices. Creating a sustainable food system is a challenge, but we can achieve this together via a coordinated effort and implementing sustainable systems.

sustainable food system


Climate activism is interdisciplinary advocacy for climate change action to be recognized and addressed by policymakers. There are always opportunities for local, collective action— knowing and joining with these grassroots campaigns are key to contributing towards a better future.

fridays for future protest signs

Self Care

Have you ever sat down and thought of how climate change affects your mental health or whether you could make a positive environmental impact during your everyday life? Leading an ethical and mindful lifestyle benefits not only the environment but also your mental and physical health. Conscious everyday choices are the cornerstone to making any impactful change.