Join our conversation with Albert Font, co-founder of Good Karma Projects, a European project that aims to help the Mediterranean sea.

About this Event

Welcome to our second online event of the season.

Plastic pollution is a global issue with different impacts at a local level. The Mediterranean basin is one of the world seas with most plastics floating in its water:

How much do you know about it? Where is this waste pollution coming from and where is it ending up? How can we act to protect our oceans and marine ecosystems?

In the light of this month’s challenge, we will meet Albert, co-founder of Good Karma Project, a European NGO that will drive us through the reality of plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea and will tell us about educational and community-based projects .

During the event we will watch “Mediterráneamente Plástico”, a short documentary narrating the sailing adventure of the Good Karma Project team organised to collect microplastics from the mediterranean waters.

Join online and bring your questions.