Sara Piccinni Leopardi

Sara Piccinni Leopardi

Founder at CEO at Resrcle

Sara founded Resrcle for many good reasons but was always aware that the key to

delivering change is through purpose-driven collaborations. She was born in Italy,

and partially raised in California as a ‘’person-of-the-world’’; starting from a young

age she was sensibly concerned by human footprint and the ways to reduce it.

Today, as a mom and environmental engineer, she truly believes that the best way

to achieve this is by transitioning towards a Circular Economy for the greater

goods: People’s well-being and respect for planet Earth.

She started this journey realizing how much-unpurposed textile waste could

actually be a valuable resource for many while acting on the negative impacts of

textile waste and she came up with a vision of Resrcle to be the first Circular,

Social & Sustainable Digital Network for Sourcing and Repurposing Secondary