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Thore Hildebrandt

Thore Hildebrandt

Sustainable Chef

Thore (44) is a curious person who loves nature. Family and friends are important to him, he likes to get together while cooking. And now he brings you to the stove and common dining table.

He is a trained banker, passionate cyclist and vegan chef from Berlin. Thore hung up his banking career in 2016 to find himself in a Buddhist monastery and while traveling to rediscover his passion for cooking. After that, he changed his lifestyle. Since then, he has rediscovered the world and got to know it in a completely different way. He now carries this knowledge into his cooking experiences.

Thore started experimenting in the kitchen as a child: He still remembers very well his first home-cooked spaghetti: in cold water, over-salted – not really good. He was 5 years old and proud as a lord. His parents certainly remember that too – they bravely ate his “first dinner” back then! This probably laid the foundation for his love of cooking and his life’s element today. Just to clarify: He cooks better today!