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NEU enables food brands to transition from wasteful single-use packaging to a circular Zero Waste model. With NEU food brands can reduce their environmental impact without changing their operations.



As a green startup, we share the vision of a modern society in which consumer goods no longer generate waste. To this end, we work every day to make great everyday products accessible to society in increasingly closed packaging cycles.


wyldr makes conscious eating the best option for everyone, by combining personalised meal planning with healthy organic groceries delivered in reusable materials, thus minimising food and packaging waste. With a holistic and circular approach to nutrition, wyldr helps people get healthier and more sustainable lifestyles while still providing delicious meals to cook.


Bio Futura makes only biobased and compostable packaging and works with food businesses to close the loops and avoid waste.


Gut für die Stadt – zuverlässig, innovativ, wirtschaftlich und sozial Entsorgung und Recycling, Stadtsauberkeit und Verkehrssicherheit, das sind die Aufgaben der rund 5.600 Beschäftigten der BSR. Gute Leistung, niedrige Gebühren, ökologische und soziale Verantwortung gehören zur Strategie des innovativen und nachhaltigen Unternehmens.



Die NochMall ist das erste Kaufhaus für Gebrauchtwaren in Berlin, was viel mehr ist als ein Secondhand-Kaufhaus. In der NochMall werden nicht nur Möbel, Kleidung, Elektrogeräte, Haushaltswaren, Spielzeug, Bücher und vieles mehr auf über 2.000 Quadratmeter verkauft, um ihnen ein zweites Leben zu geben, sondern die NochMall wird ein Erlebnisort für Kreislaufwirtschaft und Abfallvermeidung.

UNDA Bottles

UNDA Bottle

The Sustainable 3-in-1 Bottle simply eco-logica. With your UNDA you have three functions at once: Bottle + Box + Cup. It combines sustainability with technology. It is characterized by Swiss Made quality, ecodesign guidelines and zero waste. It can be used flexibly and easily. Be it at home, at work, while traveling or doing sports.



sero-karte is a crowd-sourcing project, a digital map, through which everyone is invited to share their Zero Waste insider tips in Berlin. Our idea behind this map is to create a helpful tool, through which the transition towards the very rewarding Zero Waste lifestyle can be as easy and fun as possible. The project was born during a climathon in November 2020. Since then, we have been working on its implementation in a very interdisciplinary team, always looking for new approaches, new viewpoints and new ideas to integrate into our project.

We’re a B2B SaaS startup that enables services providers, manufacturers, retailers & more to launch, scale & improve their circular operations, starting with repair & maintenance in the electronics sector. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a circular future by creating a world where fixing products comes first.

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