Become an Exhibitor​

Be part of the first International Event in Berlin with a focus on Zero Waste, Circular Economy and Sustainability

Are you an organization, company, NGO or professional focused on Zero Waste, Circular Economy or Sustainability?

Then we are looking for you!

We want to offer a space for innovation, solutions and sustainable ideas. We are looking for B2B and B2C solutions!

Join us on our first physical event and become part of the movement! Display your project to an international audience and connect with other like-minded professionals in our dedicated areas. 

Jump to the stage or showcase your product. Get the chance and enjoy this opportunity! 

Check our categories’ page to know more about the type of projects we are looking for! 

Berlin zero waste

Do you want to be part of the Zero Waste Berlin Festival? Applications are open

Do you want to connect with an audience, test your ideas or make new connections and sales?

Then this your space! We are looking for organizations that offer sustainable products or services that are looking to break into the market and reach a broader audience, as well as accelerate the green transition.

We accept applications from everywhere!

From small and local projects all the way to producers and shops. 

To receive further information and pricing just send us your application. 

Bring your brand to the festival we offer


We connect you with our audience. A wide community of sustainable enthusiasts are looking to change the world with you. You will also be able to reach an international audience and connect directly with your clients.


Become part of an extensive network of sustainable professionals that generate impact and gather solutions for a bright new future. Create alliances with people that share your vision.

Exhibitor Booth

We collaborate with projects that share our values and vision. You will have your own exhibitor booth to show and sell your products or services, speak directly with buyers and grow your professional connections.


Connect with other impact makers, and bring your project to the next level. We always help our partners to connect and find new partnership opportunities.

Booth types

Ocean Exhibitor Booth

  • Company with more than 12 months in the market
  • You offer products or services
  • Located anywhere

River Exhibitor Booth

  • Small company with less than 12 months in the market OR
    No more than 4 workers
  • You offer products or services
  • Located Anywhere

Lake Market Stand

  • Small company with no more than 2 workers
  • You offer products
  • Based in Berlin or Brandenburg

do you have other ideas? Contact us!

If you are interested in being part of the Zero Waste Berlin Festival in any other format, contact us directly via email at partners (@) 

We are waiting for you!