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Here’s Why A Staycation is a Great Idea

Leave the passports at home and Duolingo at the Appstore, it’s staycation time! For most people, ever-changing border restrictions, vaccination rules, and quarantine requirements have made the prospect of a trip abroad seem fraught with risk and difficulty. 

So it’s understandable that many of us have shied away from trips abroad this summer and opted instead for the ‘staycation’. But rather than being a poor imitation of a ‘real’ holiday, many have found that there’s much to celebrate when it comes to a staycation. Here’s what’s so great about them…

No flying means less CO2 emissions

The growth of air travel may allow us to visit more of the world than ever before, but it’s also been an important driver of CO2 emissions – the cause of climate change. Although traveling by train, car, or even boat will also contribute to climate change, the effects will likely be less. So, a holiday that remains in your home country and doesn’t require a flight is far better news for the environment than jetting off to some faraway location.

Less time spent traveling, more time spent relaxing

Ever been eyeing up a foreign city break when you realise that a huge chunk of your short holiday would be spent traveling to and from the location? Staycations let you get more from your time off by reducing your travel burden. They also allow you to predict with much greater accuracy how long it’ll take you to get to where you want to be, giving you greater control over your itinerary and giving you more time to enjoy your holiday.

Support the local economy

When you spend your money in another country you’re helping support their local tourism industry. But what about those who’re employed in that same industry in your own country? Areas not blessed with warm weather or beautiful scenery might struggle to keep their businesses going without a steady flow of tourists, local and otherwise. By holidaying in your own country, you can support those closer to home and help to keep them in business.

Less planning

Planning often becomes a huge part of going on holiday. It can take a lot of time and effort to make sure you fit in all the things you’d like to do, not to mention things like booking flights, accommodation, transfers, tours, etc. The beauty of a staycation is the workload of planning usually becomes a lot less since you’re already familiar with how things work and can easily adapt.

You could save some money

Less distance to travel generally means less cost. It’s also true that we often find ourselves paying over the odds in a new country simply because we don’t know how much things should cost or the tricks for overcoming needless expenses. With a staycation, you’re already familiar with the best accommodation websites, travel options, deals, and locations that will help you save money.

Close to home in case of emergency

You never know what can happen when it comes to your health and that of your family and friends. When an emergency occurs, being in an unfamiliar place can put added stress and strain on you when you need it least. Having a clear and simple route home to loved ones or knowledge of how local emergency services operate can be a great comfort in times of crisis. This is something that a staycation can offer.

Take pets

No one likes to leave pets at home when vacationing, but equally, the cost of taking pets abroad or hiring people to look after them can make your holiday very expensive! If you’re holidaying in your own country then there’s far more chance you’ll be able to take your family’s fluffiest members along for the ride.

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