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How to make your tech last longer

These days, technology is everywhere. Wearables, the Internet of Things, driverless cars, and whatever’s next around the corner, it seems like tech is becoming involved in almost everything we do.

But tech is expensive, and tech is fragile. No one wants to see more devices on landfills – many of which require precious metals to manufacture. So how can we prolong our gear to give it the longest lifespan possible?  Thankfully, there’s lots we can do. 

Read on to find how to make your tech last longer.

Approved chargers are best

That cheap charger you bought? It might’ve been a great deal but it could be harming your battery. Just because a charger fits, doesn’t mean it has the right voltage and amperage for the best effect. Knock-off chargers can be inefficient when it comes to charging and if you’re really unlucky, they can even fry your device if the power is too high. If in doubt, go for branded options or research the exact voltage and amperage that’s right for your device before plugging in.

Not too hot, not too cold

Devices are usually designed with ‘normal’ temperatures – between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius – in mind. Extreme heat or cold can wreak serious damage to your device. Cold, for example, can lead to premature battery drain, slowing or shattered touchscreens, and sometimes even a build-up of dangerous liquid condensation. High temperatures can cook hard drives, crack screens and permanently damage batteries.

Stop pressing ‘update later’

We know how easy it is to put off updates. But they’re there for a reason. They’re how developers fix bugs and address any security vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to steal data or install malware that could slow your device down.

Leave it on and on

This might seem counterintuitive but, it’s better to leave your device on for most of the time. The reason behind this strange truth is that turning your laptop off and on a few times is far more stressful for the system than just leaving it on throughout the period. 

Get protected

Don’t let your tech be at the mercy of your clumsiness – a drop could break your phone or laptop quicker than you can say “Nooo!” Luckily, there are plenty of good options on the internet, but be sure to check out some reviews as there are plenty of cases out there that offer less protection than it seems.

Stay clean!

Laptops and mobile phones can easily get clogged up with dust and dirt after extended periods of use and, left unchecked, these can cause some pretty serious issues. For phones and tablets, ports can become blocked with pocket lint, making tasks like charging very difficult. Try using a non-metallic tool like a wooden toothpick or toothbrush to clean phone charging ports.  

For computers, it’s important to make sure any vents are clear of dust and debris so they can do their job properly. A good way of cleaning them is to use a hoover with a brush attachment.

Keep it charged

Sadly there’s nothing you can do to stop your battery from degrading over time. But we can help to slow that process significantly by paying attention to how we charge our devices. Many devices used to use older nickel batteries, but these days most use lithium-ion batteries. With these newer batteries, it’s very important to avoid letting them fully drain – try to avoid letting this happen as it significantly speeds the degradation of your battery.

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