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Philipp Gattner, reBuy: We are ready for zero waste and circularity!

Why should we buy new when we can also use what’s already there? 

The Berlin-based company reBuy re-commerce has the perfect answer: there is no reason all we need is already out there! This is why reBuy committed itself to buying and selling pre-owned products. The positive impact of this circular system is very important to Philipp Gattner, who joined reBuy in 2015 and has been leading the company as CEO for almost three years now. 

Read on to find out more about reBuy and get to know Philipp a little better.

reBuy: a leader in the circular economy

reBuy was born in 2004 as “trade-a-game”. It was founded by five students who wanted to sell new and pre-owned videogames and consoles. The company expanded its product range step-by-step and moved to Berlin in 2006. Three years later, in 2009, it changed its name to reBuy re-commerce and decided to no longer trade with new products, preferring to buy and sell used goods only. 


By now, reBuy is one of Europe’s biggest re-commerce companies. It is well known for buying and selling used media products, such as books and DVDs, as well as electronics such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, and much more. 2020 for example the company sold more than 160.000 Smartphones, 6.750.000 books and another 170.000 consumer electronics. In so doing, the company is a driving force behind the circular economy. reBuy reduces (electronic) waste, minimises CO2 emissions, and saves important resources. 

Get to know Philipp!

Name: Philipp Gattner

Age: 39

Located: Kreuzberg

Job: CEO at reBuy recommerce

Last used product bought: A green Bianchi road bike

Best zero waste advice: Buy pre-owned!

ReBuy ReCommerce GmbH by Saskia Uppenkamp | Photographer

Philipp, how does it feel to be the CEO of a sustainable and modern company such as reBuy?

It feels good! I’m super happy to work for a company that aims for a more sustainable future. It is exciting to see that there is a big shift in people’s minds at the moment and we can see that sustainable businesses and the circular economy are becoming more important day by day. Being part of that movement and actively working on it is a great pleasure.

reBuys purpose is “to make circular living accessible to all, one transaction at a time”. Can you explain that a little better?

Living a sustainable life can be quite overwhelming: there are so many choices to be made, so many things to get informed about. Buying and selling used products is a perfect first step. We want to help all people start on that path by making buying and selling second-hand as easy as possible and integrating it into everyone’s and everyday’s life step-by-step.

Sounds good, but often people have some reservations about buying second-hand. How can we know it’s not trash?

reBuy has more than 15 years of experience when it comes to pre-owned electronics and media products. We use innovative technology and have specialized grading experts. Every used product we buy is checked, repaired if needed, cleaned, and prepared for a second life. In this whole process, we not only have our experts’ trained eyes and skills but also self-developed apps and automated grading machines. That way we can ensure the highest quality in the market. To emphasize the high product quality, we provide our customers with a three-year warranty.

What is your wish for the future regarding the circular economy?

My wish is that the circular economy keeps growing in all areas of consumerism and that more and more people find their way towards it. With all our efforts, my colleagues and I want to support a shift from the linear economy and throwaway society towards a sustainable circular economy.

If you want to know more about reBuy and the circular economy, join the interview with Philipp at the Zero Waste Berlin Festival on Sept. 17th, 3.45pm. Follow reBuys Instagram @rebuy_recommerce for news and info around circular living. Check out their stand during the Zero Waste Festival for some nice vouchers!