Ivan Ralis

Architect and co-founder of We-Building e.V - Germany

Ivan Ralis is an architect from Croatia with more than fifteen years of experience, currently living in Berlin.

Ivan is the co-founder of We-Building e.V,. a non-profit organisation where he works as a coordinator of the architecture department. There, together with other colleagues, they try to give a “greener” sense to their own profession and use their skills were more needed. WEbuilding’s first project was an elementary school in Darmang, Ghana, completed in 2018. The team is now finishing the construction of the second school in Ghana. Many more projects, from Colombia, to Mozambique, Uganda, Gambia and Haiti,  are currently in progress. 

During the Zero Waste Berlin Festival, WEbuilding will share some knowledge about Sustainable Architecture and how activism can empower local communities.