Kirils Jegorovs

Kirils Jegorovs

Co-Founder at Circolution

Originally from Riga, Kirils has lived and worked in Germany and the United States for the past two decades. He learned the ropes in business and innovation by working for retailers and food producers of various sizes. Disappointed with corporate innovation, Kirils helped create a circular product for a Berlin start-up before embarking on a systemic change journey with circolution. His main focus is on building the industry partnerships and raising funds needed to pilot the system. Only together can we make this happen.

Circolution is building the new scalable pool system of reusable food packaging – starting in Germany. So similar to the existing system of water and beer, we want to have sliced cheese, yoghurt or coffee in a reusable packaging.

One system principle is “open access”, which means that every company regardless of its size will be able to participate. Also the system will be built upon existing standards to scale fast to all food segments and retail channels. Circolution provides the reuse solution to accelerate towards a world without packaging waste.

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