Mauricio Lizarazo Prada

Mauricio Lizarazo

Intercultural music producer and activist

As an intercultural music producer and activist, Mauricio Lizarazo Prada dedicates himself to support initiatives with social and ecological responsibility. He founded the music agency Pachamama Culture (PC), which manages sustainable concerts and tours. Mauricio holds a degree in business administration and a Master of Music Business from New York University.

He first worked for the BASF Group as a marketing product manager before founding PC in 2004. Under PC, Mauricio organises and manages tours for bands (Acollective, Attaque77, Barbarella’s Bang Bang, El Sie7e, Garden City Movement, Jaqee, Lola Marsh, Ohrbooten, Outernational, Nosliw, Nosoyo, Symbiz, etc.) and runs them independently. He’s a spokesman for various networks in the music sector (TEDx, Berlin Music Commission, Most Wanted Music, etc.), Mauricio is committed to sustainable music production and consumption. In addition, Mauricio is co-founder of “Salon de Baile”, for which he took over the programming, curation and organisation of this Latin-Alternative-Floor at the Fusion Festival and as a result he became part of the main crew of the festival.

Since then he has toured continuously and produced live shows for various bands internationally, focusing on sustainability and social responsibility, advocating issues such as climate and socio-economic justice. He’s currently developing Music C•A•R•E•S, a sustainability platform in live-music. The concept Music C•A•R•E•S has been examined by a student at the university in a bachelor thesis, whereby relevant indicators for assessing sustainability, especially in concert touring, are identified and transferred to a use case diagram. Therefore he has been working on a scientific collaboration about sustainability in live-music with the Beuth University.