Miriam Wuttke

Miriam Wuttke

Donut Berlin / Social Impact Networker & City Transformation Strategist

While Miriam Wuttke has her background in visual and performance art, she has been merging the
20 year experience in this field with her work as a social and sustainable project manager, NPO
district manager, coach and coordinator.

Having bridged the artistic approach on individual transformation, performative public intervention and site specific installations with the studies of Art in Social Contexts, Miriam has been gradually adopting a more systemic mindset which she found in the studies of Social Management as the missing link in her goal to be a more facilitating and leading part of change.

The systemic urban sustainability development and an interest in the circular city idea inspired
Miriam to write her 2021 master thesis on the Doughnut Economics Model in socio-economic
transformation processes and to connect with like minded Doughnut Economics enthusiasts in Berlin, which made her join the initiative Donut Berlin early 2021.

From the experience of conducting and partaking in various multi stakeholder projects Miriam
Wuttke seen the crux to find answers to socio-economic and -ecologic chellenges in an inclusive
and socially just City of the Future and thus in creating and implementing a cross disciplinary long term strategy which brings all citizens to the table.

The impulse speech on Doughnut Economics and sustainability will connect the dots between the
Zero Waste goal, urban transformation and social economy. For a deeper discussion about these
topics (in German and English), you can approach Miriam at the festival.