Monica Kisic

Monica Kisic Aguirre

Chef, Scientist and Artist. Co-founder of Roots Radicals - Germany

Mónica (Lima, Perú 1982) is a Chef, Scientist and Artist. After receiving honours as a PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry, Mónica directed all of her knowledge to pursue a Master’s degree at the Basque Culinary Center. Since 2013, she has had various culinary experiences ranging from having her own artisan bakery and zero-waste ice cream line to working at some of the highest-ranked restaurants in the world. Mónica approaches through science to the development of her own singular cuisine and is always inspired by seasonal, organic and vegetarian produce. Mónica works to connect food-making with anthropology, taste, habits, culture, sound, visual arts and space. Searching for gastronomy that goes beyond the palate, Mónica co-founded in 2015 the multi-disciplinary artist collective Elephants & Volcanoes. Based now in Berlin, she is an advocate of the circular economy and food waste prevention through ancestral and hand-crafted preservation techniques. In 2019 founded Roots Radicals, a sustainable food company focused on food waste prevention and upcycling, aiming to empower and reconnect people to good food.

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