Raphael Fellmer

CEO & Founder at SIRPLUS

Raphael Fellmer is a passionate social entrepreneur and co-founder of the Berlin Impact Startup SIRPLUS which is saving surplus food from farmers, producers and wholesalers and sells it through their Online Shop in a subscription box and supermarkets. Raphaels goal is SIRPLUS Vision: a world where all humans have enough food to eat. Since 2009 he is tackling food waste and lived 5 years in a “money strike” to create awareness for food waste and how everyone can live more sustainable and easily reduce one’s carbon footprint. He is co-founder of foodsharing, a voluntary movement of 100.000 foodsavers who saved already saved 50 Mio. kilograms. The Berlin based father of two kids is author, keynote speaker and famous for his engagement and media presence against waste and for a sustainable world in which everyone can pursue his dreams and unfold their potential.