Sophia Hoffmann

Sophia Hoffmann

Chef/ Author/ Activist

Sophia Hoffmann is a chef , cookbook author and activist from Berlin, Germany.

Engagement for gender equality, diversity and social justice are as important to her as the beautiful and indulgent things in life. Sustainability and conscious consumption are top priorities in the Sophia’s kitchen as well as in every day life.

By now Sophia’s books have only been published in German but her work has been recognized also internationally. Sophia spoke at international conferences like Food On The Edge (Galway, Ireland) or Couraveg (Porto, Portugal) and she was invited as a chef to cook the first all-vegan all female dinner at New York’s renown James Beard Foundation in 2018.

Currently she is working at Isla Coffee, a Berlin-based Café with an awarded circular economy concept as well as planning to open her own restaurant Happa. Sophia is very active as an expert on social media and produces her podcast „Hoffmanns Küche“ which features a diversity of guests with culinary and activist visions. In April 2021 her forth book „Die kleine Hoffmann“ will be published, focusing on the concept of intuitive cooking.


Picture credit: Annabell Sievert-Erlinghagen