ulla tikkanen

Ulla Tikkanen

Technical Project Manager, Forum Virium Helsinki

Ulla Tikkanen works as a Technical Project Manager in the FABULOS project. This European project focuses on R&D of fleets of remote-controlled automated shuttle buses in mixed traffic, integrated into urban public transport. The FABULOS project’s 6 M€ funding is targeted to companies’ development work for all-inclusive robot bus solutions, answering to the cities’ mobility needs. The project pilots will run in 2020 in 5 cities around the continent.

Tikkanen holds a M.Sc. (Tech) Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, together with a M.Sc. Degree in Architecture (specializing in Urban planning). Her background is in consulting, both public and private sector organizations, with versatile experience in innovation management, smart mobility, service design, R&D and urban development. She enjoys strategy and scenario work, and has a strong customer experience focus.