Victoria Díaz Certad

Victoria Díaz Certad

Founder & Fashion designer at Vicky Certad

Fashion Designer, Fashion consultant & clinical psychologist based in Berlin.

Founder of Vicky Certad, a female fashion brand specialised in custom-made clothing, upcycled garments & Brides.

I can define myself as a lover of femininity, of those traits and details that go unnoticed but that make us unique to each one. I am convinced of the beauty that characterizes each body and each personality.

My daily practice is to observe and analyze how I can grow personally and improve my habits to achieve a better quality of life, mental and physical health. This, of course, I also apply to my brand, constantly looking for better ways of working to contribute to those around the brand: customers, workers involved in production and to the environment.

Currently working on my new project: Upcycled formal, casual and wedding jackets for rent!