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Are you a brand, company, or project that works in sustainability, zero waste, or circular economy? Become part of Zero Waste Festival. Contact us!

Become an exhibitor in our online Festival

You not only will be supporting our event, but you will have an online space to connect with our audience and show your project


We connect you with our audience. Sustainable enthusiast that we are looking to change the world with you. You can reach an international audience thanks to our online international festival. Have your own booth are and speak directly with your clients.


Become part of an extensive network of sustainable professionals that generate impact and bring solutions for a new future. Create alliances with people that share your vision.

Online presence

We collaborate with project which values and vision are aligned with ours. That's why we provide a space for our sponsors to reach our audience. Gain visibility during the festival, and be part of our regular events. Appear in our social media channels or even our blog.


Connect with other impact makers, and bring your project to the next level. We always help our partners to connect and find new partnership options.

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