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Impactful solutions for green minds

16-17 September at Engelnest

Zero Waste Berlin Festival is the first international event for zero waste, circularity and sustainability.

We provide a space and platform to bring together leaders, companies and citizens, to share their respective visions for the future.

Our dream is to connect people, enable positive change, and help bring about a zero waste future together.

Green cities

This year’s festival is focused on the concept of Green Cities. With almost 60% of the world living in cities, the importance of sustainable changes cannot be underestimated. That’s why in 2022 our attention shifts to the places we call home as we invite speakers, attendees, partners, and sponsors, to come together with solutions for both the future and now!

We want to encourage innovation, ideas, exchange, and impactful connections from Berlin and around the world.

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Bringing the sustainable community together


Discover new innovations in packaging, social mobility and circular economy solutions from industry leaders or get involved in workshops to learn about sustainable tips and tricks.


Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals, share your own sustainable project and vision, plus show your support for the zero waste mission.
Our festival revolves around 7 main categories in achieving a sustainable society
Our green event is being held at Engelnest in Schöneberg, Berlin and easily accessible via public transport.