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What is Zero Waste Berlin Festival ​

Zero Waste Berlin Festival provides a space for citizens, impact entrepreneurs and key players to reach transformative changes.

Committed to striving for a greener economy, a fairer social transition, and a climate resilient future.

We believe sustainability should be in everyone’s agenda and a collaborative transition is necessary to drive towards sustainable development.

Why Zero Waste Berlin Festival is for you

Unaware Planet Lover


Learn by doing. Easy and affordable solutions for your daily routine. We want Zero Waste to be easy for you.

Zero Waste is easy

We provide solutions to help you make changes in your life without struggling on the way.

Knowledge is Key

We give you data, facts, and solutions to make your transition to a Zero Waste life easier.

The Zero Waster

Practical Solutions

The zero waste path can be tough sometimes. We give you easy solutions to apply in your daily life.


Connect with the international community of Berlin. Zero Wasters are everywhere.


Gain knowledge in the areas of your interest. Learn why you should continue changing your life to be more sustainable.

Eco change maker​


Connect with Eco Warriors like you. The world needs to be connected in order to make changes.

Sustainable Ecosystem

Meet opportunities, professionals, and create international and local alliances.


Let's talk about the different opportunities and changes we need to make to change our economies and systems.

Our Areas

Green Cities

Sustainable Cities

Sustainable Fashion

Food Waste





Green Tech

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Past Events

Since May 2019 we have held several events with local and international speakers