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What is Zero Waste Berlin Festival

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Experts in different areas will speak about sustainability, zero waste, circular economy, sustainable mobility, food waste, fair fashion, and many other related topics.

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Actions are needed for change. Learn how to make personal and professional changes in your life on your own. Decide what workshops are best for you.

Networking and much more

Meet people with similar interests, professionals within the sustainability area, learn and interact with the community.


Projects, brands, and companies will have their space at this festival to showcase their sustainable alternative solutions.

Why Zero Waste Berlin Festival is for you

Unaware Planet Lover


Learn by doing. Easy and affordable solutions for your daily routine. We want Zero Waste to be easy for you.

Zero Waste is easy

We provide solutions to help you make changes in your life without struggling on the way.

Knowledge is Key

We give you data, facts, and solutions to make your transition to a Zero Waste life easier.

The Zero Waster

Practical Solutions

The zero waste path can be tough sometimes. We give you easy solutions to apply in your daily life.


Connect with the international community of Berlin. Zero Wasters are everywhere.


Gain knowledge in the areas of your interest. Learn why you should continue changing your life to be more sustainable.

Eco change maker​


Connect with Eco Warriors like you. The world needs to be connected in order to make changes.

Sustainable Ecosystem

Meet opportunities, professionals, and create international and local alliances.


Let's talk about the different opportunities and changes we need to make to change our economies and systems.

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Zero Waste Berlin Festival brings you


How Sustainable Are You At Home? Food Waste, Plastic In The Bathroom, Unnecessary Items All Over the House And we still continue to buy things . How can we find balance between having a sustainable home and our daily routines?

zero waste home


Our Daily Routine Is Full Of Small Decisions That Define us. Now, More Than ever, We Need A Sustainable Lifestyle To Be Aligned With Our Values And Efforts For A Better Future.


Is Sustainable Fashion The Same as Fair Fashion? Do We Understand What Is Behind The Production Of Our Clothes? Is Fast Fashion The Problem? We Need To find Solutions And Build A New Fashion Industry.

Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable Mobility


Being cars one of the most polluting commonly used products in the world, alternative sustainable solutions for mobility are one of the most important topics. Public transport or bikes seem to be the most obvious solution in the short term, but how is the sector developing alternatives to classic cars?


Taking Care Of The Planet Requires A Good Balance Between Our Body And our Soul’s Well-Being. By Exploring The Concepts Of Eco-Anxiety, Mindfulness And Self-Awareness We Examine How To Embrace A Conscious Journey Into A Sustainable Life.

Travelling sustainable


The Current Situation Is Impacting The Way We Travel And The Future Of Tourism Is Still Uncertain. We Will find out The Future Of The Travel Sector And we Will Incorporate Sustainability As Our Number One Priority.


Within The Context Of The Global Sustainable Development Goals, The Circular Economy Plays A Fundamental Role To Turn The Tide Of Our Future On The Planet. From Global Movements To Local Actions: How Organizations, Activists And Civil Society Strive For Social Change And Sustainable Transformation Through Cooperation, Knowledge Sharing, And Personal Empowerment.

Sustainable Activism

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Past Events

Since May 2019 we have held several events with local and international speakers

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