Our Story

“Back in 2018 I discovered the term Zero Waste and the movement behind it. I immediately decided to start making changes in my own life and implementing them. I have always been a recycling enthusiast and really concerned about climate change. 

After a few months, I realized that making changes at home wasn’t  enough in order to make a real impact, so I started to search for  local communities I could join. I was very surprised when I couldn’t  even find international groups that were holding  events regularly. So I decided to create my own meetup group called: Zero Waste Berlin International.

The tag “international”  is really important to me, as I wanted to create a space in which everybody could feel welcome, and where we could use a language we all have in common.  This group was meant for people from  all over the world who are living in Berlin and they are all invited to  join the Meetup group.” – Coral Ruz- Founder.

10 Events

We’ve held several offline and online events in collaboration with local and international speakers. Our activities have received support from our local partners and we’ve built an international community around one topic—zero waste.

+ 1000 Attendees

Our community is constantly growing and thanks to the success of our events, we’ve connected with people from all over the world.

+ 40.000 People Reached

Every day, more and more people are recognising the growing importance of sustainability and zero waste. We’ve inspired thousands of people worldwide with our events.

Making the green future possible

From a meetup to Zero Waste Berlin Festival

Since May 2019, we have held a series of events focusing on different topics related to zero waste and a move towards a more sustainable life.

We have held events about plastic waste, a zero waste life, zero waste tips, sustainable traveling and zero waste fashion.

Since our community has been growing ever since we first started, we decided to take a step forward and convert our  occasional meetings into a bigger, more interactive event with further options for our attendees: Zero Waste Berlin Festival.

Past Events

In our mission to enable a Green Future we are committed to Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations

Who supported our mission